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Welcome to the eazyBackup Online data backup Service!
If you have made it here then you've most likely gone through Or are going through the data recovery process. You may have also been referred here by a Core Data Recovery Partner

eazyBackup is an in-house data backup service provided by Core Data Recovery to it's data recovery clientele and is primarily meant to be the "next step" after suffering data loss and having gone through the data recovery process.
That being said, if you are here by referral and have not experienced a hard drive failure or data loss but would like to prevent against that possibility, please continue on and let us know if you have any questions.

Recovery Protection unique to eazyBackup

eazyBackup is the only backup solution powered by off-site data recovery. This means an additional layer of protection beyond just backing your data up...
Those who have already experienced the Chaos of losing their data know that learning to regularly backup data is paramount to recouping from a hard drive failure.
Even though Data Backup is a key component in the preservation and protection of valuable data, there are still inherent risks with backing up.

"... Variables such as; time delays or "gaps" in backup scheduling, newly created or forgotten about data that isn't backed up or doesn't make your backup schedule, and other unforeseen human factors all play a part in leaving you susceptible to some level of permanent data loss."  -Core Data Recovery-2011-

Core Data Recovery recognizes this and is the first Data Recovery service provider who has built its data recovery service into eazyBackup allowing you to both backup your data AND "insure" your PC hard drive against the high cost of data recovery should you experience a hard drive failure potentially losing important data that was not backed-up.

- eazyBackup's "Layered" approach is the only service of its kind offering Data Backup services, as well as Data Recovery protection which provides a second layer of defence against hard drive failure, should it be needed.

Should you experience a hard drive failure and determine that critical data was not backed up for any reason, eazyBackup will cover a portion of the cost of your data recovery services on the hard drive or device that was registered at the time your eazyBackup plan was started.

How eazyBackup works...

1) Choose an eazyBackup data backup plan (below) that suites your needs. Our "lightweight", easy to install backup software is run and your critical data backed up. ... from there, regularly scheduled backups are run automatically.

2) At the same time your eazyBackup plan was setup you would have also chosen a hard drive in any one of your home or office computers. This could be the hard drive that you're backing up from Or, if you prefer, it could be a different hard drive of your choosing. Once your chosen hard drive/device is registered with eazyBackup, the data on that hard drive/device is then insured against the high cost of Data Recovery should you experience a failure for any reason.

That's it, you're off and running!

  * If, the hard drive/device you've registered fails within the time that your eazyBackup plan is active, you will receive data recovery services at a fraction of the cost of other mainstream off-site data recovery services.

...It doesn't get any easier OR more secure!

The most important benefit, first and foremost, to eazyBackup's complete solution as described above is cost savings. Second, but equally as important is Time savings. If you have ever experienced a "crash" or hard drive failure of any type resulting in loss of data then you know what we mean.
Time spent in recovering, recreating & restoring lost data equates to lost productivity and business, which in turn adds up to lost revenues.

Keep your data with those who know it best. Other data backup service providers Do Not offer data recovery services and are not responsible for data that was not included, or did not make it into your backup schedule.

Don't skip a beat - in the event of a failure eazyBackup's 24/7 client assistance will be there to help assess what needs to be done, whether it be a simple data restore Or a more serious hard drive recovery - we're able to react quickly, getting you back up and running - minimizing both time & cost.

eazyPricing, Features & Benefits

EazyBackup Feature Sheet
Get a complete list of features here

eazyService & Support

Initial Setup

eazyBackup's lightweight client installs easily on your PC and allows for quick setup and backup scheduling.

Whether you're backup savvy, Or a first timer in need of assistance - we're there to assist on the intial setup and your first backup:

  Quick Start setup guide provided

  Dedicated support with initial setup

  Assistance setting up first backup schedule

  Support with large data transfers on first backup

First Time Set-up - eazyGuide & Help Documentation...

Long Term Support

we'll be there to help, support and maintain your eazyBackup service over the long term. As Families grow, and Businesses evolve, we'll be there to make sure you're covered.

Our long term client support will ensure that someone will always be there to help answer any questions and queries you might have:

  Anytime email support & Limited one-on-one telephone support covering:

  assistance with backup scheduling and restoring data.

  24/7 telephone support covering claims and assistance on Recovery Protection.

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